Hydrogen Africa Conference & Expo, South Africa


28 September 2023


08:00 (United Kingdom, London)


Johannesburg, South Africa

Ricardo is attending and speaking at Hydrogen Africa's Conference & Expo in Johannesburg, South Africa 

Hydrogen Africa conference & expo brings the world’s policy and strategy leaders together to discuss ground-breaking hydrogen projects, share the latest advancements and collaborate towards an accelerated upscale of deployment in Africa. 

Jabulani (Jay) Nyathi, Ricardo's consultant and expert in renewable fuels and energy decarbonisation is speaking on a number of panels discussing what's next for Africa's energy transition, exploring energy transition accelerators and what challenges we are faced with. Jay will also give insights on technology innovations for the energy transition to scale up hydrogen production

In the run-up to the event, we asked Jay a few questions:

What is the state of green hydrogen development in UK, Ireland and Scotland and what lessons can be learnt for Africa? 

Although ambition is high to produce green hydrogen, island states have less land space for the development of renewables and electrolyser plants. This necessitates the development of offshore renewable facilities. What could African states like Nigeria learn about developing offshore wind alongside offshore oil and gas like in the North Sea? 

Integrating electrolyser technology with chemical technology/processes, challenges, and opportunities 

Hydrogen is now envisioned as one of the fuels of the future but it has been a feedstock to many chemical processes such as ammonia production, metallic ore reduction and hydrogen peroxide production. At the moment the hydrogen used for these processes is fossil-based but can now be produced from renewable sources by means of electrolysis. 

Having already been to a hydrogen Africa conference, what can people expect to take away from the day? 

They can expect to gain valuable insights into groundbreaking hydrogen projects, the latest advancements in energy transition, and strategies for accelerating deployment in Africa. Additionally, attendees will have the opportunity to hear from a real mix of experienced professionals on topics related to Africa's energy transition, including technology innovations for scaling up hydrogen production. 


You can connect with Jay or Ricardo on LinkedIn to follow all the latest energy decarbonisation news and updates 

You can also find out more about Ricardo's expertise in renewable energy in South Africa here


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